SignBridgeTM Language Systems LLC is a company that develops products and training systems that utilize sign language signs to help teach second spoken language vocabulary to hearing children.

This method is ideal for use in bridging the communication gap between individuals of diverse language backgrounds, increasingly common in U.S. classrooms today.

This system is taught in a fun and easy manner and is useful for in a multitude of settings:

  • Multicultural child care centers and classrooms

  • ESL, foreign language classrooms and language immersion programs

  • Families with internationally-adopted children

  • Classrooms serving children with special needs

  • Homeschooling networks
"As a teacher of a very diverse multicultural student population, I have experienced the significant value of teaching my students how to communicate through sign language. Communicating in my classroom is now easy and fun! This method really reduces frustration for everyone. The SignBridge Method is simple to learn and very easy to teach."

Bobbi Bauman, Elementary Teacher
Forest Hills Elementary, Eden Prairie, MN

Bridging the Language Gap in Multi-language Settings with Sign Language