Video Samples of the SignBridgeTM Method in Action
Would you like to see The SignBridgeTM Method in action? Click on any of the images below to view video segments that demonstrate how fun and easy this system really is. We recommend a broadband connection for viewing the video clips.
#1 "What is the SignBridge Method?"

The SignBridgeTM Method is an innovative technique of using of American Sign Language signs to "bridge" meaning between two or more languages. The use of signs in early childhood has been demonstrated to help increase verbal and literacy skills in young children. Studies have also found significantly higher IQ scores for signing children, as well.

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#2 SignBridge Makes Second Language Vocabulary Fun and Easy to Learn

Using American Sign Language signs to convey meaning of second language vocabulary can rapidly accelerate language learning in a fun and easy way.

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#3 Children Love to SignBridge

The kinesthetic nature of signing engages children in a very unique way. Many signs utilize basic mimicry and convey meaning efficiently through their action.

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#4 Early Childhood is the Best Time to Learn Languages

Young children find second language vocabulary fun and easy to learn. When second language vocabulary is introduced in early childhood, the chances of retaining that vocabulary over time are greater than when learning occurs in later childhood or adulthood.

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#5 SignBridge facilitates communication in Multi-lingual Settings

SignBridge helps children of diverse language backgrounds to develop a common means of communicating before they share a common spoken language.

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#6 Teaching Language and Sign Through Song

The children at Forest Hills Elementary learn signs and Spanish words through a new song. The children learned these signs and Spanish vocabulary with only one rehearsal of this new song!

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#7 SignBridge Helps Children of Various Cultures to Understand One Another

Helping children to understand one another is the first step toward valuing and respecting each other. SignBridge helps children to understand each other, regardless of their language background.

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#8 SignBridge helps English Language Learners Acquire English

Children who have recently been adopted from another country or recently immigrated to the U.S. from another culture can learn English vocabulary much more easily through the use of the SignBridge Method. With the help of a Chinese-American classmate, the children learn how to say "Thank you" in ASL, Spanish, French and Chinese.

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Bridging the Language Gap in Multi-language Settings with Sign Language